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Throwball is a non-contact ball sport played across a net between two teams of nine players on a rectangular court. Throwball is popular in Asia, especially on the Indian subcontinent, and was first played in India as a women’s sport in Chennai during the 1940s. 

You can play the game of Throwball with your friends to hone your skills, for fitness or just for fun. Court bookings can be done to play Throwball at Ekam.

  • Throwball is played on a court that measures 12.2m x 18.3m with a neutral box at either side of the centre measuring 1.5m.
  • A net is placed across the centre of the court at a height of 2.2m.
  • Throwball shall be played between two teams, each consisting of twelve players, seven of whom can be active on the pitch at any one time. The remaining five players are substitutes.
  • Throwball uses rally scoring in which points can only be scored when serving.
  • Matches should be played for the best of three sets, each set’s winner being the first to score 15 points.
  • Service is done immediately after the referee’s whistle at the start of the game and after a point is scored. It is done from behind the back line towards any area of the opposition’s half.
  • Points are lost in Throwball if a team fails to return a serve or throw such as by hitting the net of failing to catch the ball and then throw it back.
  • Balls should not be volleyed as in volleyball but should be caught and then thrown quickly. Any ball being released should be done so from on or above the shoulder line only.
  • Passes are not allowed in Throwball, as soon as a player receives the ball, they should return it over the net immediately.
  • Two players cannot catch the ball simultaneously.
  • All players should be appropriately dressed with a team jersey and shorts with their number being printed on the back of the jersey.

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